Who we are?

José Maria Fuster Hernandez, S.A. It’s a family company whose project from the early twentieth century, producing and delivering the best paprika and the best spices both industrial, mainly meat industries, and the final consumer or foodservice channel.

We have our facilities in Espinardo (Murcia), cradle of the pepper industry in our region, with a total of 3,000 square meters, including 1,400 cubic meters of refrigeration chamber with controlled humidity and temperature for optimal conservation of raw materials and finished products , with a total capacity of 200 tons.

The human capital of our company is currently composed of 12 workers with permanent employment.

We are present in fifteen regions of our country and in five countries beyond our borders. We are members of AFEXPO (ESA) and a full member of the National Technology Center of Canned and Food.

What we offer?

We offer paprika, spices, saffron and prepared for the meat industry. All are subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure compliance with the legislation.

We offer a personalized service, either directly from the factory or through our representatives or distributors, as well as technical and professional advice.

We have over a century of experience in our industry and we have collected the wisdom of four generations, which guarantees communication with those who have gone through all kinds of situations and solved all kinds of questions that have arisen to our customers.

We plan our purchases based on the information we have from previous consumption of our customers and their expectations, we collect information on our sales calls. In this way guarantee that they will always receive merchandise from the last harvest.

Paprika of Murcia, Spices - Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.

Paprika of Murcia, Spices – Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.