It means that aromatic vegetable and spice with roughly scented or spicy flavor, used to season foods substance. To differentiate the flavors, it is understood that in spices taste is more important than the aroma.

Almost all they come from East and were introduced into Europe by the byzantines. They were prized because they allowed preserving food and because of its high price, long, were valuable gift.

In the good kitchen they are used sparingly and avoid them bland tasteless meat or fish. They are like nature’s pharmacy for the kitchen, adding a touch of elegance to the dishes.

They are used for seasoning or marinade, sauces, pastries and throughout history they have been attributed therapeutic properties.

Traditionally are dehydrated process can be performed in different ways, although the most widely used today is in drying of hot air circulation, the drying temperature adjusting function to dehydrate the plant.

The mixture of different spices, herbs and other ingredients is known as a condiment that enhances the flavor of raw and cooked foods.

Spice list


Packaging Specifications Uts/Pack 25 10 0
Uts/Box 250 100 12
Pallet Specifications 80 x 120 Box/Pallet 18 14 20
Height/nº boxes 105 cm / 2 boxes 94 cm / 2 boxes 100 cm / 2 boxes
Aluminum bags ziplock, accommodating 5 k., 1 k., ½ k. y ¼ k.
Paprika of Murcia, Spices - Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.

Paprika of Murcia, Spices – Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.