We guarantee maximum safety and quality of our products. We buy all the raw materials required under the parameters of food security and reject those who do not comply with the legislation. We analyze 100% of inputs in independent laboratories certified and accredited procedures.

Our traceability system allows 100% both know the fate of all our sales as the origin of the raw materials that compose them.

Convinced that the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers is based on the quality of our products and our service, our organization is dedicated to implement this culture in all our departments to anticipate the needs of consumers.

We have implemented a system of quality management based on prevention rather than correction, watching all our processes and detecting nonconformities and preventive measures.

The quality system is subject to continuous improvement in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.
Our quality department is available to our customers on the phone 968307146 or e-mail: calidad@laodalisca.es


Our only goal is your complete satisfaction and this is because our products behave as he expected, to meet their needs.
Not all our customers demand the same product and to meet all our management system is flexible and adapts to the requirements that each proposed. The important thing is to get a product that fully convince our client and get optimum quality / price ratio.
Once achieved, it becomes our responsibility to maintain the quality of our services, from the first shipment to the last. To do this, batch control, maintenance in cold hindering the oxidation of the product, if handled and efficient service will make our customers have confidence in our product and our company.


After a rigorous selection of suppliers, we intend to maintain a stable business relationship with them and we share in our goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.


To achieve our goal, we believe that all our company gear must rotate in the same direction and that is why from the leadership of our employees moved to address this philosophy, requesting their efforts by providing ongoing training and job stability.


To ensure our goal of satisfying our customers, our company partnered in 2003 to the National Technology Center Canned Food, which is kept informed of any legislative changes that may affect us, possibility of using pilot plant and new product development (R & D), technical advice, etc.
In the last year we have also joined A.F.E.X.P.O. (Paprika Manufacturers Association), which in turn is a member of E.S.A. (European Agency for Spices), where we draw on all legislative world news paprika and spices.
In the beginning we actively participate in obtaining the designation of origin paprika Murcia and are certified by Sohiscert at this point.
We are waiting to receive the certificate of company adhering to regulatory council of ecological agriculture in the Region of Murcia.

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Paprika of Murcia, Spices - Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.

Paprika of Murcia, Spices – Jose Maria Fuster Hernandez S.A.